YouTube music converter – Convert YouTube to MP3 Quickly (online, android, iPhone)

A Google Product YouTube is the biggest platform where you can share your videos, vlogs etc. in YouTube you will find lots of music videos and listening to all those are absolutely free, simply go to YouTube search for your favorite music and simply listen to it online. But the only issue is that you cannot minimize the YouTube app and listen the song, as soon as you minimize the app the video will automatically pause. So it is really uneasy to keep the app open while listening your favorite songs from YouTube. So here in this article we will tell you about how to convert YouTube music videos to audio file.


In this article we are going to list down some of the website and apps that will help you convert your favorite music videos to audio file, so that you can listen your favorite music on the go. The website or apps that we are going to mention below are genuine, so you don’t need to get tense about your data etc. the apps & website are fast and very easy to use with no irritating ads. So let’s have a look at the website & apps for Android and iPhone to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Best Websites to convert YouTube video to Audio:

Here below are the lists of online video converter website where you can easily convert your favorite YouTube video to audio format and download it on your phone or PC and listen it offline.

  • Online Video converter: Online Video Converter is one of the best YouTube music converter website online that you can have. There are no annoying ads in this website to annoy you while you convert your favorite music video to audio file. This website can convert any video in to different audio format like .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .m4a, .wma, .flac, .wav and much more. So if your device doesn’t support the “.mp3” format file then you can also convert music video to different other audio file format. Not only you can convert videos to audio in this website, but you can also convert video to different video formats like .mp4, .m4v, .avi, .flv, .wmv, .mov, .mpg and much more.

There are many other features of this website that you will enjoy like, you don’t need to perform any type of registration in this website to convert any video. The interesting part is that it supports link from different video website like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, vimeo etc. So you can convert videos from most of the video website in this online video converter website. Converting any videos to audio file is very easy, simply paste the link of the video and in a few moment the audio file will be ready to download. So download the converted file on your device and you are done, now you can listen your favorite music on your device offline without going to the YouTube app.

  • YouTube Mp3: This website is similar to the Online Video Converter website, the website is very neat, you will find only those things that you really need in the video converter website. In this website also you simply need to paste the video link that you want to convert in Audio format and then click on the start button. Once the website starts loading the video and convert you can download it by clicking on the download button. Like the other online video converter website this YouTube mp3 website also gives you some options to convert like you can convert any video to either mp3 256kb or mp3 360kb according to your device.

So if your device support high quality audio format only then you can select the respective format and convert any video to that format. Now this website doesn’t support the entire video website, but you can easily convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

  • MP3Converter: This is also a free online video to audio converter website you can use to convert your favorite YouTube videos into audio format. This website also has its own plug-in or extension for your browser, that you can install and easily convert your favorite music video. The website interface and the navigation system are very simple so that you can get access to every options available in the website in the first page itself. Converting video here in this website is very simple, paste the video link that you want to convert, select the format to which you would like to convert and then click on the convert button. After a few moment it will give you the download link to download the converted file on your device.

The best part about this website is that you can convert as much as video you want to, there is no limit to convert videos. You also don’t need to install any kind of software or perform any kind of registration on your device to convert videos from this website. It also supports all kinds of video websites where you can stream videos online. So overall you can say that this is alternative to the Online Video Converter website.

  • Convert2mp3: Convert2mp3 website is another free online converter website that you can use to convert videos from YouTube. This is one of the easiest website where you can convert videos to audio. Here in this website to convert videos you don’t even need to go to YouTube, as you can also search for the video in this website itself with the keywords. Simply search for the video in the search bar of the Convert2mp3 website and the simply click on the convert button to convert the video from the result. As simple as it is.

Yes, you can also copy the link directly from YouTube and paste and click on the convert button to directly convert the video in to audio file. Like other online converter website, here also you will be able to select from different audio formats like mp3, wav, m4a, acc and much more.

So these are all the best online websites where you can convert your favorite YouTube videos in to mp3 and download it on your device and listen to it offline on your device without even opening the YouTube app. These websites have very simple interface with all the features included; also the features that you are getting from these websites are amazing like no limit of conversion and much more. Now let’s have a look at the apps for Android device that will help you to convert YouTube videos to audio.

App for Android to Convert YouTube video to audio:

  • Video to mp3: Talking about the app to convert YouTube video then Video to mp3 app is to be the best because of the features and easy interface. The best feature of this application is that you can convert your favorite video to any quality of audio according to your requirement. You can change the output of the application by going to the settings option in the app. Also if you want to make ringtone, you can also do it directly from this app, simply click on the make ringtone option and the output will be saved in a ringtone format. This application is very fast and simple, and converting is made more easy, simply paste the link and then click on the convert and download button, it will automatically convert to audio and download it on your phone storage. The only issue is that it will take time depending on the video size or quality, if the audio is of too much high quality, then the app will automatically convert the audio quality and make it your device friendly and then download it on your device storage.

  • YouMP34: This is a free YouTube video downloader app that you can download and install on your Android device. Sadly this app is unavailable in the Google Play Store, as it was removed by Google as you can download direct YouTube video using this application. With this application you can not only download direct YouTube videos, but you can also convert the video on the spot and download the mp3 version of the video from YouTube. This app has the simplest download steps ever, go to YouTube app from your Android device and click on the video you want to download and then select if you want to download the video or only the mp3 version of the video that you have selected. Using this application is very simple, as you don’t need to copy and paste the links like you have to in the other video to mp3 converter app. The only down thing of the application is that you cannot select the converted audio output quality, which you don’t have any freedom of selecting the output quality. But if you are downloading the video then you can select the quality from 360p to 720p at max.

  • Peego: This application is not available in the Google Play Store, so to download this app you will need to download the apk file on your Android device and then install it on your device. Converting YouTube video to mp3 is very simple, search for the video which you want to convert and simply click on the download button near the video and select the format you want to convert and download the file on your Android device. The converted files will be downloaded on the device storage, as the app creates itself a folder in the device memory. This application can convert even the high quality videos on the go with just one click; just the thing is that it takes more time than the other video converter apps.

  • Tubemate: You may have heard a lot about the Tubemate app, this is a free YouTube video downloader app which also helps you to convert the video to mp3 format. This application is very helpful in downloading videos from different video website in different quality. You don’t even need to go to the video website, simply search in the Tubemate app search engine and find out the video that you want to convert or download. You can download any video at different qualities and the best part of the app is that you can download multiple videos or audio file in the background without any issues. Also you can pause the download if you have listed down too many and resume it when you are having faster internet connection. After downloading you can also share the downloaded video or audio to any of the social media platform directly from the app itself just by taping on the icon where you want to share with your friends. Overall this application is legal and works very smoothly with every Android device, so you don’t need to worry any more about if you are having the latest version of Android or not.

  • Droid YouTube Downloader: This is another YouTube video converter app to have on your android device, this app is actually an alternative to Tubemate app. If you also want full freedom while converting any video to mp3 then this application is for you, as you can get control over all the settings that will help you customize while converting. This app has lately got new update and it has added many new features and one of them is that now you can even download videos and convert from Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. and like Tubemate app you can also search videos from different website from the app itself using the search bar. To select between different video websites, simply click on the logo of the website which you will see below the search bar of the app.

These are all the application that you can download and install on your Android device for free of cost and you can easily convert your favorite YouTube videos in to audio format file. The steps to convert any video in to mp3 format is pretty simple, either you need to copy and paste the video link, or simply browser videos from YouTube from the video converter app itself and convert from there directly by clicking on the download icon.

Apps for iOS device to convert YouTube Video:

  • Video to mp3 converter: This is a legal YouTube video converter app that you can download on your iOS device. This application is available on iTunes itself, so you don’t need to hunt for the “.ipa” version of this app. With the Video to mp3 converter app for your iOS you can convert any quality YouTube video in to audio with different output format like mp3, aac, m4a, wav, opus and much more, there are multiple options. After converting any video, click on the download icon and the fill will be saved on your device storage on the go. This application also has many interesting features like you can actually trim the audio before you convert and you can also customize the bitrate, volume and sample rate of the audio before converting. Also you can convert any video from your gallery, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. and the interesting part is that you can even share any audio with this app to any other device just like other sharing apps. Actually, it is because of its amazing features that this app is standing up in this app market today.

  • Freemake video downloader: Freemake Video Downloader is not an iOS app but you can use it using your PC, as it supports iOS devices too. So you have to install this software on your PC first and then you will need to connect your iPhone or iPad on your PC so that you can convert any YouTube video and transfer it to your iPhone. To convert any video, simply copy the video link from YouTube and open the software and then paste it on the software. Now you will need to select the format for your iPhone (as a recommendation you shall select mp3 for audio and for video you can select mp4) after selecting the format click on the “Convert to iPhone” to save the output of the software on your iPhone directly. This is all you need to do, once it is done all correctly it will take you sometime to convert and transfer the file on your iPhone. So this is all about Freemake video downloader for how you can download videos and convert audio from YouTube for free on your iPhone.
  • Mymp3: This application actually helps you convert from your gallery video to Mp3, but then you can also use to convert YouTube video in to mp3 format. You can convert any video online or offline with this app in either Mp3 or in WAV format. You can record anything from Skype, internet, calls etc. and later on convert it into audio file using this app on your iPhone. After converting any video into mp3 you can also share it in any social media platform like email, instant messaging app etc. While converting any video the app actually changes the metadata of the video and gives it a new data of its own. Also this app is a very good player where you can listen your favorite music with all the customization that you can make.

  • Any Audio Converter: This app is similar to the Freemake Video Downloader software, as you need to have PC for using this software. So download the software on your PC and then connect your iPhone with your PC, so that you can convert any video and get it transferred on your iPhone directly. With this software you can convert video from at least 100 video website and you can convert any kind of video in to ACC, WAV, MP3, M4A and much faster and easily. With this software you can also extract audio file from CDs and DVDs and you can also burn in to DVD using this software. This software is not only a video converter app, instead this is a multi app where you can convert, burn, extract audio from DVDs and even edit video giving some effects. So simply import videos from your device and then edit it using amazing tools of the Any Audio Converter software.

So these are the following apps with which you can convert YouTube videos in to mp3 format for your iPhone. Some of the given software needs PC, but it is worth installing on your PC as it is having lots of amazing features which will benefits even for your PC.

Here above in this article we have listed down the best software or apps that you can have on your respective devices to convert YouTube videos in to Mp3. All of the apps or software’s that we have listed above are free of cost, so you can download it easily on your device. All of the website, apps & softwares are very easy to use, simply copy the link of the video that you want to convert and click on the “Convert” button the video will get automatically converted into mp3 format file. The best part of all these application is the features, all of the website, app and software are having some amazing features that will not only help you in converting YouTube videos, it will also help you in converting videos from gallery, extracting audio file from CDs and DVDs, share converted files in the social media at the

moment. The only thing you must take care of, is about your device specification, you will not have any issues while using the websites and application. But while downloading and using the software on your PC, it might slows down your PC as the software uses too much of GPU. So this is all, comment us below which website, apps or software have impressed you with its features from the list that we have listed above.

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