What Does *67 Do On a Cell Phone? How To Hide Your Number With *67?

Privacy has become a much important concern among mobile and online users. Mobile number one big thing that requires special care or ready for the consequences. There are many tricks to hide your mobile number permanently & temporary, block someone’s mobile number even your device doesn’t let you do by default. Did you know how […]

What is Kmode Exception Not Handled? How To Fix Kmode Exception Not Not Handled

Kmode_Exception_not_Handled is a blue scene error that has been faced by many Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users. This error can happen for a number of reason which includes incomplete Windows update, corrupted drivers and failed system restart that happens unexpectedly on Windows 10 most of the time. And if you are facing the same […]

What is Screen Overlay & How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected On Android ?

Screen Overlay Detected on your Android device could be nightmare. Or being here you might be facing trouble with this with this Screen Overlay error. Well, it is not a bug but could be real annoying when this thing pops-up. Precisely, on Android Marshmallow, Android developer has introduced permission for screen overlay. So that, app […]

Best Cool Websites For When You’re Bored at Work

People of this generation love to browser internet and is always engaged looking for something on it. Internet is filled with lots of beautiful contents and each day you will find new contents and many creative ideas. Cool Websites are the best time to visit when you are bored sitting at home or wish to […]

Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

Well, we don’t need to speak it out loud and tell you what this post is about! And you are quite familiar with what Kickass Torrent, so a description about the same would be purely waste of your time. We are all quite familiar with the fact that Kickass Torrents have been stopped and we […]

Fake Mail Generator Sites – Temporary Email Address For Verification

Have you ever thought of using fake Mail and for that you have to create fake one. There are numerous numbers of Fake Mail Generator Sites available in the internet right now. But you never know which one is best for you and here we will help you find out the best website to generate […]

Best Free Roku Channels List 2018 – Free Online Streaming Broadcaster for Roku Media Streamer

Roku is more than streaming Hulu and Netflix services. It brings all the popular media streaming services in one places. As Roku subscriber you should know, there are a lot of channels to stream from Roku media streaming device. Therefore as a user, you have a great option to stream from this server. From the […]

Good Collection of Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults To Improve Skill

Take a time to showcase your creativity on the pages. How? Well, you might have been seeing trend of drawing on YouTube and photo-sharing portals.  Coloring activities are very common among school going children. But if you are interested in drawing things and want to improve skill in this class then you can work on […]

Discover How To Connect PS4 Controller To PC 🖥 – Easy Guide for Gamers 🎮

Many times gamers have admitted that using the controller to play games on PC is comfortable. It is widely considered that using mouse or keyboard is the best way to play computer games, but that is not true.  Using the game control settings configurations with controller such as PS4 Dual Shock is an excellent choice. […]

Best 10 Alternative Sites like G2A You Must Try In 2018

From time to time video game has always become people’s favorite. And the computer or video games are played by most of the people that includes of all the ages. There is no denying that the fact remains the same playing games makes you us feel good and gives us a relief from boredom. To […]