How To Access Linksys Router Login & Linksys Router Configuration & Modem Issue Fix

“Linksys” is a one of the router series which is manufactured by Cisco. Linksys routers are easy to use so be it at office or home, you will be able to setup one up easily. Developed by Cisco which is one of the top branders providing with web solution all over the world, you are sure to get something extra out of their Linksys router series. To set up a Linksys router you will need to have the basic things in your hand like, Ethernet cable, Cable internet connection and a router belonging to any of the Linksys router series. And next all you need to do is enter in the default IP address and you are ready to setup everything.

If you don’t know how to set up your connection with Linksys router then don’t worry as well will talk about it in a minute. Setting up your new internet connection with Linksys routers is definitely easy if you know the process of setup. So without any further delay let us have a look at how you can easily set up and connect to the internet using Linksys router.

Here we will talk in detail  about Linksys router Login as well as modem issues and tell you how you can fix them easily just in case you face once or twice. So let us begin first with setting up the router and logging in to router.

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How to setup a Linksys Router/ Linksys Router Login:

To setup your Linksys router and follow up with logging in into the router you will fist need to go through some hardware connection process. So let us first get though the hardware process and tell you how to setup the router as well.

Step 1: First of all you will need to accumulate the following things:

  1. A Linksys Router.
  2. 2 Ethernet Cables.
  3. An active Internet connection

Step 2: Now you will need to power up the router by plugging in the Linksys router to a power connection. When everything boots up you can now start the setup process.

Step 3: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the laptop and the other end to any of the Ethernet connection marked “1-4”.

Step 4: Now you will need to either plug in other Ethernet cable to the router which is connected to the internet cable modem or you will simply need to directly connect the internet connect to the router though RJ45 connection.

Step 5: To login in the Router, open up a browser on your laptop and enter the ip address which is the default IP address of your router. To login in the router you will now need to enter in the name admin name and password of the router. By default the router should have “Admin as name and “Admin” for password as well.

NOTE: IF this doesn’t work than simply leave the name space blank and type in admin as password and then login. This works for few version of Linksys router whereas other user Admin for both spaces.

Step 6: Now go to the setting option and then you will need to change your “router name” (If you wish to change) or you can simply leave it as it is. Save the setting which will be followed by a “setting are successful” message.

Step 7: now you will need to choose a “Wireless Network Name “ or “SSID” name. Disable the “Wireless SSIDBroadcast” and then again save the settings.

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Step 8: Select the WEP option and then tap on “128bit 26hex digits” and then you will need to setup your password to access the router.

NOTE: Here you can also setup the wireless setting which is accessible through WIFI so setup if you wish to use the WIFI.

Step 9: Last but not the least, you will defiantly want to change your router access password from admin to any of your choice and to do that you will need to go to administrator and then clicks on default Linksys password and then replace with a new and secure one.

And that is it, you have successfully setup the router and also setup the login for Linksys router.

Linksys Router & Modem Issues and their Fix’s:

Now that you have successfully set your connection, if you start facing any problem then here is a list of issues that you might face along with their solutions.

  1. If the router doesn’t connect to the internet:

This is a common problem which can be solved easily. All you need to do is disconnect the router from any power sources as well from the internet cabin source as keep it disconnected for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect all the wires and restart your modem and this should solve the issue. If this doesn’t solve the issue then reset the router and set it up once again following the sets mentioned above.

  1. If the Router won’t work even after using the driver:

This next issue is often faced by many new router user. Simply keep the router connected and then go to the “Network and Sharing Center” to setup a new IP address. You will need to right click on the working adapter and then go to properties. Now in TCP/IP V4 click on “Use the following IP” and then enter in the IP addresses. “! and if this is setup by default set it to Now to follow up the new setup simply restart the system and your issue should be solved.

  1. Internet connection keeps dropping:

Some may think this a router or modem problem but actually this is a cable or splitter issue which makes this a hardware issue.

So if you are facing frequent drops in connection then simply change your cable and replace your router and this should resolve the issue.

  1. Linksys Router WiFi single Keeps Dropping if I move to other room:

To setup a router in the best place in your house, I recommend that you keep it in a corner and at a higher place away from any other wireless connections like cordless phone or gadgets. This will highly increase your single strength and solve any weak single issue.

  1. Setting not working for new Internet connection from new ISP :

If you are setting up a new internet connection from a new ISP and you have tried setting up the modem but it is not working then I recommend that you visit your new Internet Service Provider. They might provide you with advanced setting for your new router as new rules many restrict your from accessing the internet by default setting.

  1. Forgot Password or Router or Wi-Fi Connectivity:

If you face the issue of forgetting any password and can’t access the internet then all you need to do is reset the router and setup the setting once again. To do so simply search for a pinhole section on your router which is named by Reset.

  1. My Internet Connection is so SLOW:

A slow internet connection might be caused by many factors. Few are like, bad router setting, bad weather, cable or wire being old, poor Wi-Fi reception or simply because your internet speed is low. Use to see your internet speed. No matter what the reason might be, if you are facing a slow internet connect even after you have tried every possible solution, then it’s time to visit the nearest ISP to get the issue solved by professionals.


So this was all about the Linksys router login and modem issues and their fix that you might want to know about. If you are still facing any problem while setting up your new Linksys router then simply leave a comment below about your problem in detail and we will help you out ASAP.

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