How To Convert Facebook Profile To Page?

So is it time to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page? Well, I guess it is! Why would you even bother to search for it if that wasn’t the case! A Facebook page has quite a lot of facilities that a Facebook profile doesn’t have. And there’s also another factor which is that if you are using your Fb profile for business then it’s not long before Fb shuts down your profile. So just follow the steps and convert your Fb profile to page today. Just make sure that you are following the steps as they have been provided below.


How to Convert Facebook Profile to Page:

This may sound a bit tough but it’s actually quite easy to follow the steps. You can just follow the steps that have been provided down below or you could just click on Create a Facebook Page Based on Your Profile to visit the page and figure it out yourself.

  • To start the conversion you need to first make a backup of your Fb profile. This is necessary as there is chance of you losing all your message, photos and personal Data. To make the backup you need to use the Facebook’s Backup Tool.
  • Now according to your business needs make changes to your profile name and address.
  • After that is done you are required to choose page admin. Now you can choose new ones and also admin’s of another page managed by you.
  • With that done, the process is nearly over and for the final touch you need to start the profile migration process.
  • You might need to wait for some time for the process to get completed.

That’s it! But be sure about not to make any mistakes as it’s quite hectic to reverse these mistakes. You have to reverse them manually and if they suspect that your page is promoting business then they won’t reverse any changes. So be very careful and don’t make any mistakes.

Well, that was how you can convert Fb profile to page. But did ever thinks what happens after converting a profile to a page? Well, I have laid down some of the things that happen to a page after conversion down below.

What happens after Converting a Facebook profile to Page:

Another question that arises before we start converting a profile to page is that which profiles fits these criteria’s? Well, if your profile isn’t doing any kind of business then it would be a good call not to convert it. But suppose that it’s the other way around then it’s suggested that you get it converted as soon as possible.

Well, the let’s go on with the benefits of a Facebook Page.

  • The first thing that’s going to happen is that you will be out of all the groups that you had joined while using the profile. So, no more irritating group notifications.
  • You will stop seeing all the personal messages from your old profile.
  • The current username of your profile will become your page username.
  • Friends and followers of your page will be transferred to your new page.
  • Your current picture will become your page picture.
  • All the old profile updates will be unavailable in the new page.

Well, these are some of the major changes that are going to happen to your page after getting converted. Apart from these there are quite a few things that you are going to see after converting.

What are the benefits of a Facebook Page?

I am listing out a few benefits of a Facebook Page down below.

  • Facebook profiles are limited to around 5000 friends but Pages have no limits.
  • There’s a chance of getting your profile deleted if you promote business with a Facebook profile but the same doesn’t apply for a page.
  • You page can be liked by other pages and you can promote each other by liking each other’s pages. A profile doesn’t have this option.
  • Your page can also be added to interests whereas a profile cannot be.

Well, these are quite a few benefits of converting profile to a page and apart from these there are lots of other benefits which you will get to know about converting. If you have any further queries then do leave a comment below. We hope that the provided information would be of help to you. So convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook page now.

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