Free Music Downloader – Best 20+ Free Music Download Apps For Android iPhone 2018

Is listening to music one of your ways to spend some quality time? Well who doesn’t love listening to music right? So today, here is a list of 20 best free music download apps that you can grab for yourself too. You can get a lot of music to choose from, so no matter whether you are at work or at home or chilling with friends you will have a lot to listen to as well. This list of free music downloading apps will include apps for Android devices and more. So if you are searching for a way to listen to music easily by downloading it through a music downloader app when you have come to the right place. Without for the delay let us have a look at the list of MP3 download apps that you can find on Google Play Store as well.


One of the best thing about this music download apps is that all the apps that we are going to talk about are available for free. You will also be able to listen to all the latest as well as old songs. So whether you are trying to listen to Hollywood Bollywood or any other songs you can find it right here.Also I would recommend you that you shouldn’t download any third party music download apps from third party sources as they can contain Malware which may harm your device.

With that being said let us not wait anymore and have a look at the top 20 free music download apps 2018.

Why do you need this free music download?

Downloading music from in open source might be the most common way to grab a new song or a song that suddenly remembered from 90s or 80’s. But if you are downloading songs from in open source this also means that you are exposing yourself to Malware and viruses that might affect your device. Also the quality of songs that are released on third party sites are quite low compared to the songs that you can download from our 20 best free music downloads apps. Moreover, that all the apps that we are going to talk about a free to use and also comes with a lot of features that we will talk about in a few moment.

Also, there is always an issue of facing legal charges if you are downloading anything from source which has violated copyright restriction. So, the apps that we are going to talk about today will be available to you for free as well as you will not have any legal issues or copyright restriction for downloading songs from these websites.

Note: Remember We are always update this post. When we got new amazing best music downloader app we enlist it. So keep visiting and if we missed any app or you know any other amazing music download app then please share with us, we will be enlist it. 

List of top 20 best music download apps:

Here we share only android downloadable link. If you want any app from the entire list for your iOS device or Windows device then contact us or comment below.

  • SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is probably the most convenient and best way to download new as well as old songs as well as podcast and audio books. You can choose from millions of songs that are popular trending and also from emerging artists. To speak shortly soundcloud is like YouTube as an audio player. With SoundCloud if you are also into music and you love creating new songs or instrumental sounds then soundcloud can be a platform where you can also upload your own content.

SoundCloud one of the most preferred music download App out there because of its well design user interface and cool icons that can make listening to music more pleasurable. More about that which soundcloud you can like comment and even share songs with your friends or create your own playlist.


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  • Spotify:

Next on our list of music download apps is the spotify app. Spotify is a great place to listen to new as well as only music and with millions of song on the database you are sure to enjoy Spotify on your mobile devices or tablets every single day. 45lets you create your own playlist which you can listen to depending on your mood. You can sort all the songs that are available thanks 45 according to the artist name, genre, year of release and more.

Spotify comes as a free version with ads but has the user interface is well arranged you can enjoy seamless Music listening. But if you want to remove all the ads and have a clean interface you can get the premium Spotify app for very low price. And with the premium version of Spotify you will also be able to listen to songs on offline mode.


  • Wynk music:

With over 12 million users wynk music he is indeed a great app that you can use on your mobile and tablet to listen to music. With wynk music you can stream unlimited number of songs as well as podcast and also listen to online radio stations without any hassle. Downloading songs with wynk music is really easy as well.

You can choose to download any song on music on different file formats and size like, you can download songs on HD quality which will be on either 320 or 256 kbps, you can also choose to download in medium and regular quality which will be on 64 Kbps and 32 KBPS respectively. Just like Spotify wynk music also comes with a premium version of the app which lets you download unlimited song and also allows you to listen to them on offline mode.


  • Google play music:

Google play music is an app that is available on a free Android smartphone and tablet. With Google Play music you can search for songs depending on your mood, or the artist that you want to listen to paul even on define music stations. No matter what songs he want to listen to you can find it easily on Google play music. Google play music has over 50,000 songs which you can choose to create your own playlist.

Google play music app is available for Android, web and iOS devices which makes it available too many users. Google play music is Henry to second year to control to describe for Google play music on demand access hooch will also, with the membership of YouTube red without any had subscription. Premium users of Google play music can also listen to songs on offline mode.


  • Shazam:

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular music apps. This app has been used and downloaded by millions of people from across the world. Shazam allows us to listen, discover, and share to your friends for free of cost. Furthermore, it comes with lots of features like you can identify new music with one tap; can sing along to songs along with provided lyrics or even watch videos; preview all the songs and add them to your Spotify playlists; it can also play music through offline and can identify new music even if you are not connected. In addition to that, the user can also buy all Shazam songs in Google Play Music with just one tap, this is an amazing music app must try out on your Android device.


  • Hungama Music:

If you love listening to English Hindi Tamil Telugu Punjabi and many other music that I want United from India then Hungama music is a for you. This music app office yo  u to download 3.5 million songs as well as stream online music.

So what are trying to find a Hollywood or Bollywood song you can find them here itself. Talk more about this app, Hungama pro put you to listen to songs and stream videos on offline mode.


  • Saavn:

Saavn is amongst one of those music player that I personally prefer using everyday as my default music app. Saavnis a freemium app that you can use every single day without thinking about visiting any new song sources. With Saavn you will have a lot of categories of song to choose from like romantic, rap songs, rock, metal, emo, and more. So if you are searching for the perfect music app for your daily use then Saavn is the app that I would suggest you personally. I love the app yes it has a very clean user interface as well as a lot to customise from.

Saavn itself comes with all the updated list of new songs as well as you can also customise your own preference on type of songs that you want to listen to and Saavn will suggest you quit the song list you chose from. Sounds cool right? Go ahead and download Saavn right now and enjoy listening to free music every single day. And enjoy listening to free music every single day.


  • RockMyRun:

Are you searching for an app that you can use to listen to songs while you are jogging or hitting the gym? Your answer is yes then Rock my Run App definitely help you. Rock my run app has been developed for all the music lovers out there who love listening to songs and podcast while they are out exercising and want to listen to some motivational or exciting songs that are released every single day on the internet.

Rock my Run provides with unlimited number of songs depending on that type of songs that you wish to listen. With rock my run app you will also be able to save songs on offline mode even without a premium account.


  • Gaana:

Next on our list of free music downloader apps is the Gaanathat is made for Bollywood song lovers. Be it a random new singer from Bollywood all famous singer like Sonu Nigam Arijit Singh or Baadshah you are sure to find all the Bollywood songs from the latest to the 80s and 90s song as well.

One of the best feature of Gaana App is that all the songs that you want to listen to his available for free and all you need to do is sign in with Gaana app using your Google or Facebook ID. Upon signing up with your social media you can start listening to songs and also downloading songs on offline mode. Shares songs on your social media platform and get trending updates on different playlist depending on new album,  artist or genre.


  • Microsoft groove:

The next music download app that we are going to talk about is the Microsoft groove. This app was officially launched by Microsoft which allows you to synchronise songs with your onedrive profile. And once you have synchronised with your onedrive profile you can access those songs by signing up into one drive from any Android device. You can sort songs on your onedrive according to album, artist and more. Download all the songs on Microsoft groove for free and also stream new songs without any hassle from ads.

If you’re bored listening to all the well known Artist and albums that you know about you can tune into the radio station and enjoy listening to random songs as well. Is Microsoft groove is a premium app that is available for free you can download songs on offline mode and listen to them even when you don’t have an active internet connection.


  • 4shared Music:

4shared music is probably one of the best apps that any Android user can use as the default music player as well as a source for downloading new songs every single day. 4shared music app comes with a lot of features that allows you to download and access to songs that are available on the offline mode.

4shared music official site and the app can be linked together so whether you are on the app or on the website downloading songs on either will create a playlist on the other app and vice versa. This is probably one of the best features of 4shared music app.


  • Pandora:

We are on the Halfway of our list of top 20 best free music download apps and Pandora is next on the list. Pandora which is powered by music Genome Project is a music streaming app which you can use like a radio to listen to hundreds of music stations online. Depending on your mood you can choose from different generous of radio stations.

Pandora App can be used on desktop tablet and mobile devices and you don’t need any premium or paid account to access Pandora. Pandora offers with opinion of premium account for only $4.99 which offers with features like at free experience and even an option to download a list of radio station for offline listening.


  • Songily:

Songily is also a music download app for Android device users which comes with lot of genes of music. The app also comes with music videos which you can convert to MP3. With songily you will be able to listen to music as well as stream videos online.

Songily is a premium app which offers with additional features like offline video and audio playback for a small amount of money. So if you are searching for a new music download app then Songily can be your option.


  • Free Music:

Next one on our list of free music download app is the free music app for Android. Free music is an app which offers with similar features like SoundCloud. Free music app you will be able to search for different songs according to the album, genre and artist etc.

This makes using free music app really convenient. Free music app has a great UI and with millions of songs on their database you are sure to enjoy every single song even on shuffle mode.


  • MP3 Music Download:

MP3 music download app is there free music app that allows you to download any song on to your device directly. Yes you have heard it right as MP3 music download app offers with downloading rock, metal, Reggae, jazz and many more genres of songs without much of an headache.

So if you are searching for a music downloader app that will help you download Hollywood songs like the latest and even the songs from 80s and 90s then this is a for you.


  • Jam music:

Jam music has one of the best user interface based on the theme which makes this music download App more of a convenient music player for daily use. Jam music helps the user to search for songs according to their title or by their album or the artist name for free.

You can download songs on low as well as on high quality depending on your internet connection. Dude app is at supported yet you want feel any hassle during playing songs or while  performing any other task.


  • Noisetrade:

The next app on this list is the noise trade.Noisetrade is an app that is derived from it’s official website, just like it’s official website you can find the list of the latest songs as well as the list of songs that you choose to listen to from different album, artist and genre of your choice. Noise trade is officially one of the best music download app that we are talking about here and this is due to the fact that, Noise Trade offer both online as well as offline missing listening experience free of cost.

Yes that’s right noisetrade offers all the features of any premium app for free. You can also choose to send songs video clip from the app through email to your friends. The only drawback of noisetrade please that there are a limited number of songs that you can listen like. If you don’t find any song that you wish to listen you can add the song to the list by requesting the song from the developers which is available on the app as a additional feature.


  • Audiomack:

If you are searching for a mixtape as well as a music based App then audiomack is there for you. With audio make you will be able to select different song and added to your favourite. Get the latest update of new and latest songs throw audiomack upon subscription which you can do easily by providing your social media(Facebook) id or Email address.

Audiomack offers with additional feature which allows you to download and listen to music on offline mode without an active internet connection.


  • Deezer:

Deezer is another free music download app that has a large number of Music as well as audio files to download from. If you love listening to podcast on your smartphone while travelling then Deezer can provide you with a huge collection of podcast and songs from new and upcoming artist on SoundCloud as well.

Deezeris also a great platform if you love singing as you can directly upload any song that you are listening to or you can cover with background music and share with your family and friends.


  • Napster music:

Napster music offers with over 30 million songs that you can download from. This app comes with a lot of features as well as great user interface which makes using the app really cool. With Napster music you can subscribe to the latest on demand music services which will be available to every user free of cost for a month.

Sounds great right? With Napster music you are sure to enjoy every single song with customised playlist and even an equalizer option in it’s player.


  • Rich music:

Coming to an end of this list of 20 best music download app is the Rich music app. Rich music app offers with a lot of collection of songs for Bollywood fans. You can listen to songs of different artists like Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, Kishore Kumar, YoYo Honey Singh, Shreya Ghoshal and many more pop culture Indian music artists.

Rich music offers with Bollywood as well as Hollywood songs, so you can be sure that you will enjoy the best of both the world of Hollywood and Bollywood in one app every single day.



This concludes have a list of 20 best music download apps that you can grab for free right now. All the apps that have been mentioned here available for free as well as in premium version. As a free music download App user you can enjoy all the features of a premium song downloading app but only when you are on an active internet connection. With that being said all the music download apps ancient here can provide you with all the songs podcast audio books and music that you would want to listen to every single day.

Choose and download from this list of free music download apps and set the app as your default music app to enjoy listening to songs from Bollywood and as well as Hollywood for free. Get updated with the latest music releases and share those songs on social media such as Facebook Twitter Instagram and more close these apps itself.


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