Best Free Cool Typing Games for Kids 2018 To Increase Their Typing Speed & Accuracy

In today’s world, the most important skill about computers is definitely the Typing. If you can type fast on the keyboard, you can get hired for most of the clerical job pretty easily. When we were kids, we focused on improving the handwriting, but nowadays we are working on computers typing instead of writing by hand. We missed to perfect the typing skill when we were the child, but you should not do this with your kids. You should encourage your kids to play typing games for kids to improve their typing speed and accuracy.


There are many softwares and online websites that have the online free typing games for kids. It’s always better to expose your kids and let them play these best online kids typing games to increase their command on the keyboard. In this post, we are going to share some of the best free typing games for kids 2018, that’ll help your kids to increase their typing speed and accuracy.

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Best Free Typing Games for Kids 2018 | Online Typing Games for Kids

Glider Cats Words

The Glider Cats Words is a fantastic typing game for kids to play in 2018. The Glider Cats Words game is the very interactive game which provides the simple lessons, which teach kids how to type on keyboard effectively. The game is divided in three parts. In three parts, the kids learn how to effectively type the words, numbers and then symbols.

With the interactive user interface and the carefully structured lessons, the kids tend to learn to type in lesser time. The small and engaging exercises help your kids to learn to type on keyboards pretty easily. You can access this online typing game for kids from this link.

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Bull Spell

The Bull Spell is another fantastic and free online typing game for kisd in 2018. The Bull Spell is a unique game, that helps your kids to use the keyboard effectively and also teaches them new words. With the vocabulary of more than 7500 words in the English language, the kids learn to type fast and learn the new words as well.

The Bull Spell is one of the most popular free typing game for kids, that your kids should play in his free times instead of playing video games.

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Dance Mat Typing

The Dance Mat Typing is a fun online typing game for beginners. This is one of the best online typing game for kids to play in 2018, but it can be played by anyone who is not familiar with the home row of keys like the A, S, D, F and so on. Once the kids learn to place the right finger on the right key, they move on to the next stage, to learn the other row of keys like Q, W, E, R, T, Y and so on.

This is one of the most interactive typing games for kids and beginners made by the BBC. The game is available online for playing for free of cost. You can access the game from this link.

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Keyboard Climber 2

The Keyboard Climber 2 is also one of the free online typing game for kids to play in 2018. In this game, the Monkey is stuck in the bottom of the screen and as a player, you have to make him jump on the rocks to climb up. You can do so by identifying the letter shown on screen and pressing it on the keyboard.

The game is very funny and makes players practice on how to place their fingers on keyboard and type faster than before. It’s a fun game which will engage your kids for hours. You can play this game on this site.

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Key Man

The Key Man is very similar to the all time favourite PacMan. The Key Man has the similar gameplay like the PacMan game from our childhood. But as this is the Typing game, there is the little twist in the game. For navigation of the PacMan to eat the gems, you have to press the keys shown on the Right, Left, Above and Below of the Pac Man character. The game is designed in such way that the player will learn every keyboard key and that’ll improve his typing speed pretty easily.

If your kids love to play PacMan alot on their smartphones, then you should introduce them this game, so their typing speed and accuracy will increase a lot. Access this game from here.

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The KeyTris is another fantastic Typing game for kids based on the classic Tetris Mahjong game. In the game KeyTris, you have to arrange the falling box is correct order to break them. You can move the falling box vertically and horizontally using the keyboard keys. The twist here is that to move the Falling Block has to be moved by pressing the keys shown on the screen.

The keys shown on screen will change everytime you move the block. So, the player has to press multiple different keys in order to place the falling block in right place. You can introduce this game to your kids from this site.

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Alpha Munchies

The Alpha Munchies is another fantastic typing game for elementary school kids to play in their free time. The game is based on the classic game from Atari, the Space Invaders. In the original game, the player has to hit the invading spaceships before they hit and damage you and your items. In the case of Alpha Munchies, you have to hit the enemy spaceships by pressing the Alphabet shown above the spaceship.

The game is very interesting and intense, which will allow you kid to play for hours and get long-term benefits from playing. Visit and play Alpha Munchies typing game from this site.

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The Type-A-Balloon is one of the oldest typing game available on the internet. I used to play the offline flash version of this game as the fun activity with friends. The game is pretty simple and funny at the same time. The game is all about the flying balloons, which you have to pop before they exit the screen. All balloons have a specific letter assigned to them.

Just press the letter key on the keyboard to pop the balloon before it hits the top of the screen. The more you progress, the more balloons you have to pop in short time. This is an intense game, which is designed to improve your command over keyboard keys.

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Typeroid’s Top Row Mission

The Typeroid’s Top Row Mission is interesting free game for kids to improve typing speed. In this game, the player has to use the Top Row Keys to stop alien spaceships crashing on your deck/spaceship. As a player, you have to type the letters shown on screen before the alien spaceship hits your the . Typing the shown letter will destroy the associated the .

The action will continue till the player gets tired. But in the end, the player will have the better positioning of the fingers on keyboard, faster typing speed and better accuracy in typing. This is the best typing game for kids 2018, which even an adult can play for practice.

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Keyboard Ninja

Your kid loves Fruit Ninja game on a smartphone? Tell them to play the similar game on the computer instead. The Keyboard Ninja game is very similar to the Fruit Ninja, but with a twist that helps your kids improve their typing speed and accuracy. In this game, the player has to type the alphabet shown on the Fruit to break the fruit. Same as the smartphone version of the game but with the twist of Keystrokes.

As a player, your kid has to press the corresponding key of the shown letter to slice the fruit in half. The game has many difficulty levels and customization options like training for Home Row, Number Row or the Symbols.

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Type-Type Revolution

The Type-Type Revolution is a fun keyboarding practice game for kids and beginners. The game is pretty simple, which is better because the player base is kids below 12 years of age. In this game, you’ll be given set of four letters. The player has to press the appropriate letter key when the flying letters will pass through the given green line. The game is proven to increase the response time of the players and also increase the typing speed.

The Type-Type Revolution is one of the best fun typing game for kids, that your kid should play in his/her free time. You can access this game here.

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The Typing of the Ghosts

The Typing of the Ghosts is the best keyboard practice game for the nerd kids. If your kid is a nerd and good at typing, then you should introduce this game to him/her. The game is specially designed to boost the typing speed of the nerd kids. As the game is more focused on the increment in reaction time, newbies won’t be able to play this game.

In this game, the player has to type the Alphabets shown on the screen before the ghosts in the background approach you. The player gets five lives to play in the beginning. Once the player uses all five lives, the game restarts from the beginning. Here is the direct URL to play the game online.

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Typing Race

Who doesn’t love the Racing games? All kids love the racing games and most of them play similar games on their handheld gaming device. To help such kids with their keyboard typing speed, the Typing Race game is very useful. The Typing Race game is very competitive and gives you ultimate satisfaction when winning. In this game, the player has to compete with the other players. All players will get the same Sentence, which they’ve to type and the fastest one will win the race.

This game is not based on the acceleration, but the typing speed. All of the provided sentences are carefully structured, so the players will have a better practice of typing on keyboard. You can access this game from here.

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The TapTyping is one of the best smartphone games to improve typing on smart devices. The game is made especially for the iPad users, who have the big screen and facing difficulties while typing. The TapTyping game has multiple levels and difficulties, which the player can adjust according to their skill level.

The TapTyping game is pretty simple and the user has to type the shown sentences or the words as fast as possible. The game then shows the Average Words Per Minute count. The game is best for the smart devices user or even the computer users. When your kids are obsessed with the iPad or similar device rather than the Computers, you should introduce this game to them.

Conclusion | Best Typing Games for Kids 2018

It’s best when your kids learn how to type faster when they are in elementary school. The lessons learnt in earlier stages of life are always going to stick with the person. To make your kid type faster, which will help him in his lifetime is the best thing you can do for your kid. Just introduce these games to your kids and see how they improve within a span of few days. I hope you loved this list of best and free typing games for kids, that they should play to improve typing speed and typing accuracy.

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