Best Free Roku Channels List 2018 – Free Online Streaming Broadcaster for Roku Media Streamer

Roku is more than streaming Hulu and Netflix services. It brings all the popular media streaming services in one places. As Roku subscriber you should know, there are a lot of channels to stream from Roku media streaming device. Therefore as a user, you have a great option to stream from this server. From the Roku channels list some of them free and some come for a good cost. You can stream Roku without spending money on this service. To watch free Roku channels, you need to know its free available channels. If you have been using this service then here we come up with all available its Best Free Roku Channels to watch movies, TV Shows, videos for free of cost.


Roku is a popular media streaming device that can your SmartTV even smarter. With this streaming device, you basic TV can also stream all the popular TV streaming hubs or channels. If you are thinking to buy this or just bought this device then here is a good news for you. You can stream free channels from Roku, as not all of them free here we making a list of best free Roku Channels list for you. Let us know all of the available Roku channels free in below so that you can utilize this service smartly.

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Best Free Roku Channels List 2018

In the 21st generation, media streaming devices have gained a lot of popularity. We have good choices for media streaming devices to make our TV ultimate entertainment media streaming station. In this class, Chromecast is also a well-known media streamer. However, Roku also does offer great ways to organize all of the paid services in one place. Most of the channels come with a monthly subscription charge but the good things are that there are also free channels to stream.

If you have been unaware of its free channels then you might be interested to know its free channels. Not only free but we are making it best Roku channels free to stream without any subscription charges. So, here are the list of top best free Roku channels list for you.


Crackle is one of the great hubs for streaming free movies and TV-series. Thankfully, this service can be stream from your Roku device without spending a penny. However, the free version of Crackle would contain ads but still good to go with no breaking down your bank. It has quality content in its library, all of them can be streamed without opting to the premium version. Well, there would be a little quality compromise streaming free video from Crackle. To stream free movies from Roku, we recommend you browsing Crackle from your Roku and watch all the available movies and series movies for free.

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Livestream is a great platform, where you can watch a lot of videos from random things and content developers. It like a lite version of YouTube for the media streaming devices. Yes, this channel is also featured on Roku service and free stream. It has a huge content to stream from all categories. It also a great entertainment and knowledge-based channel. If you are lucky enough, you can also watch your local news shows on this platform. Thus is come on the list of best Roku free channels list. Having a Roku device, you must stream this device for watching tons of video from various classes.


Watch the news and be updated with local news by streaming NewsOn from Roku media streamer. Being one of the best free Roku channels, it won’t cost you a dime. Here you can stream news from various countries or news all across the world. If you fond of watching the news then this one of the best free news channels featured on Roku channels. So, you can easily stream from Roku device by log into NewsON channel.


This free Roku channel gathers most of the trending and latest movies in its gallery. To watch them from Roku, you can browse to PopcornFlix and yes it is free to stream. It has a premium subscription mode to remove the ads. Still, it is okay to watch movies, reality shows and other popular watch series from this multimedia hub. From its huge collection of movies, you wont get bored in your free time and weekend time. So, to watch your favorite movies and movies on demand from Roku media streaming device.


Pandora is well-settled music streaming service which can be streamed from your Roku media streaming device. It is another best free Roku channel, which featured in Roku. Pandora also comes with premium service that offers an advanced feature for streaming music. You can get all types of songs from worldwide and all popular song in its library. Subscribing to the premium account, it allows you ad-free music experience, manages your playlist, replay feature, top music suggestion and much more. Music freaks should check out this free best Roku music channel that can be streamed without any cost.


As a movie lover, you might have heard about Showtime. This movie streaming hub is free to watch movies and making it one of the best channels available for Roku media device. From this site, you will able to stream some of the popular TV series and movies. Its library filled with quality movies and TV series content. Showtime service could cost you $10.99 for a month. However, it comes with a free version that includes some ads while streaming video content. To watch free movies and popular TV series, check out Showtime from your Roku media streaming device and enjoy movie streaming.


Surprised! Well, you should know this best video streaming service is also a great movie streaming portal. So, you should try out this media streaming hub and watch your favorite movies. Not just movies but you can also watch million of video contents from your Roku media streaming device. Various categories’ video contents are on YouTube, which makes it a great entertaining and knowledge-based channel to stream from your Roku device. Note down YouTube as one of the best free Roku channels to watch millions of videos from its library.


Yes, we know Netflix is not a free video streaming service but there is a way to watch free. As you know this comes for a subscription charge monthly-based. There is a trial for this media streaming website. And using this free trial, you can watch one-month premium service without breaking into your bank. Also, you may know Netflix is a great portal to watch movies and popular TV series shows. If you fond of some of its reality shows and TV series then you might love streaming service as well. So, if you haven’t tried its free trial version then never miss its one-month free premium experience from your Roku device.

Amazon Video

Another one of the best video streaming website by Amazon. It is a big competitor of Netflix service; not just this but also one of the free channels available for Roku media streaming device. On here, you can watch almost all on-demand movies and old popular movies from Amazon Video. Also, there are some good TV series titles to watch and keep you entertained in your free time. Amazon Video also does come for a premium monthly subscription but you can take a trial membership for a month. So, if you want to stream any video content from this video streaming portal then browse it from your Roku device.


This also a peaked video streaming channel or hub to enjoy movies and TV shows. Yes, you can stream it from your Roku media streamer device for free. You can get a free membership from this media portal and yes, you can also become a premium member of this media hub. We suggest you check out this channel, where you can enjoy a huge amount of Hulu collection. Some of the exclusive full seasons of TV shows can be streamed online from Hulu that includes Black-ish, Family Guy, Empire and much more. To spend your weekend watching favorite TV shows and on-demand movies at home then this free Roku channel is good to go.


This name doesn’t need any introduction, as it is a great entertainment channel. You can stream all of the HBO Now showtime from its website. Some of the exclusive series titles are available here to stream for your Roku device. You can watch its all available video contents by opting to its one-month free trial service. For the premium membership for HBO Now would cost you $14.99/month. So, without spending money on this channel one month media can be streamed from this channel using Roku Media Streaming device.


If you want to stream music and if you have a premium membership for Spotify then this music streaming service is a sweet spot for you. On this platform, you can sync all of your saved playlist using Roku streaming device. Yes, unlike other premium services, this also comes with a free trial for a month. On Spotify, there are all new and popular songs can listen. Millions of music are available in its library so that you will never miss any of your favorite tracks and artists. So, if you are a music freak then take down Spotify as one of the best Roku free channels.


In top best free Roku channel list, Twitch is another good name for gamers. If you game freak the Twitch is a right service to try from your Roku device. You can watch others gameplay to sharpen your playing skill. Twitch allows the user to stream video games and allows you playing games with other available gamers. You can select several available online games, single player and multiplayer mode game here and enjoy gaming experience right from your Roku streaming device. As a gamer, Twitch is a great destination for you. This is one of the best Roku channels that you can be a stream online for free.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV has good quality and a huge number of video contents to stream online. And it can be stream from your Roku media streaming device as well. In terms of media collection, this stands in the top 10 list. So, you can watch your favorite series titles, TV shows, and movies on this media streaming website. It is free to stream all of its available contents. This channel is featured on Roku so that, you will be able to watch this channel as one of the free best Roku channels to stream media files for free.


It is a popular American broadcaster that you can get in the United States for free. Good thing is that you can get this broadcasting service from your Roku device. PBS has a ton of contents to watch using your Roku media streamer. This broadcasting channel includes British imports and PBS favorites such as frontline and nature. Also, you can try out PBS kids for kids movies and shows. So, to watch any trending movies and popular movies, you can try out this channel, as this one also one of the best free Roku channels.


So, these are all about best available free channels to watch from your Roku media streaming device. As free best Roku channels, these channels best way to go watch free movies, TV shows, News, or many other video contents for free. Roku media streaming service bring all popular broadcasting services into one place. You can easily access all of the available channels with free service and premium service. There are many paid service and free service to watch. To make it easier for you, we managed to collect some of the best free Roku channels list 2018 for you. If you own a Roku Media Player then you might try out the above mentioned free channels for Roku and save your money from paid services.

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