Recommend 50+ Free Movie Download Sites For Movies 🎥 Download That Still Work in 2018

There are hundreds of superlative streaming service providers and you might be quite familiar with a lot of them. They provide great service and have quite a lot of benefits but do you use all of those benefits? No, Right?  If you don’t use those then why do you even need to pay for them? Well, the answers lie in the package deal. But what if we told you that there are quite a lot o trusted sites that can provide you with the same type of content that these services provides and that too for free, would you be interested in that? Well, here is a list of some of the Free Movie Download Sites.


Process To Download Movies?

Before we head to that let us provide you with a few steps ideas that will help you to download movies from the sites that have been mentioned below.

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  • Internet Dowload Manager (IDM): There are a few sites mentioned down below that will help you to stream movies and you can download from those too. But the downloading process of these sites is a bit lengthy. Won’t it be nice if you could just download movies with a simple click? Well, IDM provides you that chance only. As you play a video a download tab appears on the top right corner of the video. Just click on it and it would be done.
  • Online Downloading Sites (For YouTube): There are quite a few sites that let you download movie you your PC or device from the Internet. A good example of this is You just need to copy the web address of the video and paste it in the download bar and proceed accordingly.
  • BitTorrent: Some of the sites mentioned here only let you download movies through a torrent client. BitTorrent is quite a good torrent download client that lets you download movies hassle free. Just go to the official website of BitTorrent and download the .exe file to install it on your PC.

(Note: Make sure to have a good VPN service as some of these sites may not be accessible first but you can access them if you have a VPN service. There are few VPN chrome extensions that you can use.)

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Here check out Some Best Free Movie Download Sites List

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Best Free Movie Download Sites:

So here is the list of the free movie downloading sites that you can use to download movies. Just go through each and every site to gather the details that you need. We hope that this would be helpful to you.

Most us want a site that is clean and free of ads and most importantly lets us download movies hassle free. Divxcrawler is one such site that is free of those annoying ads and also lets you download movies quite easily.  The UI of the site is quite easy and simple and you can browse through this site rather easily. One the right side of the page you will be able to spot a menu which has a few options that will help you to browse through the sites very easily.

If you want you can even register on this site and registering on the site has quite a few additional benefits. Some of these benefits are getting access to new movies as soon as they are updated and few other extra benefits too. If you want to register on this site’s then you can click on the “Latest Member’s Are Movies – Instant Access!”which is located at the top of the site and there you can create a new membership ID.

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This is one of the cleanest sites that we have come across till date. The categories on the site have been divided quite nicely and systematically. There are a total of 8 categories that of this site which are Home, Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi, Dual Audio, Seasons, Genre. Now, this has also been divided into more 9 sub-categories, and these sub-categories help you to download movies based on the genre of the movie.

New movies are updated as soon as they are released and that too in good quality, though the quality of the video might not be that good but would be in HD quality. Another benefit of using this site is that there is no need to register on this site and all you need to do is select the movie and hit the download tab and the movie would start downloading. Before downloading a movie you can also check the age limit for watching the movie. This is quite helpful in case you plan to download a movie for your kid.

Fmovies is another trusted website that provides you with good movies and that too in HD quality. This website has a good User Interface that helps you to smoothly browse through this website. It has also been categorized quite nicely and the categories have been provided at the top of the site. Click on “Featured” this will take you to a new page and there you will be able to lots of other options at the top and a bunch of other movies.

If you are a TV Series lover then you can also even download TV Series from this site but the only downside is that you need to download one episode at a time. The quality of the videos varies from 4K videos to CAM videos. But it’s very easy to find which movies would be CAM and which would be 4K as it is written over the cover. You can also request for a certain movie by going to the “Request” Tab. If you want you can also register with this site and get regular updates about the movies.

Movies Counter:

Those who are unaware of Movies Counter, we suggest you pay attention to this site. This sites is said to be among the top 3 best free movie downloading sites. Suppose that you are not able to find a certain movie anywhere then you can just search for that movie here and you will be able to find it.  Downloading movies from this site is quite easy too as right after you visit the site you will be able to see large thumbnails of some movies.

After you move your cursor over that thumbnail you will be able to see the download tab, just click on that and the download will start.  You will also be able find dual audio movies on this site. Another interesting part of this site is that you can download TV Series. The site is updated regularly with new episodes of ongoing series or new series. We would recommend you to check this site as we have found his site to be quite helpful.

Most people are quite familiar with this site as it’s quite similar to YIFY. YIFY was recognized as the MVP of the torrent world and this site is said to be clone of YIFY. New movies are updated on this site just after their released but most movies are made available just after they HD quality or higher are made available. The site is neat and clean with a Black background. There is quick search bar which lets you search for the movies that you want to download.

And also if you want to register on this site then you are most welcomed to do as. You just need to click on the Register tab at the top right corner of the site and then follow the steps accordingly. It has been recorded that this site contains around 6000 movies. There is search bar too that allows you to browse for movies by genre, year of release, etc. You can also check the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of the movies before downloading them.

HD Popcorns:

HD Popcorns doesn’t anything special but it sure does have a great search bar and search option. Basically there are four options by which you can search for movies on this site. The first one is by name, just enter the name of the movie and et voila the movie would appear on the screen. The next is by genre, select the genre and pick the movie that you want.

The next one is ratings; you can set a range above which you want your movies to be. And the final one is quality of the movie which is 1080p or 720p. If you want you can also use one or more of these together and search for the movies that you want. The UI of this site is pretty neat and simple. This site has a huge gallery of movies and even it has old classic movies that you can just download and watch. No registration is needed here nor are any ads available here. We suggest that you visit this site check it.


Most of us are very familiar with YouTube but little do we know that movies are also available on YouTube. Well, you can easily understand the quality of the movies that are available on YouTube. Even a lot of banned movies are available on YouTube. But sometimes the movies available here are not of good quality, the reason is that quality of the movies were not that good while the movies were being uploaded.

All movies on YouTube are available for Free but there is exception. The exception is YouTube Movies, the movies uploaded on this channel are not for free and you need to pay a certain amount of money to watch these movies. Almost all movies are available on YouTube and all that you need to do is enter the name of the movie and search for it accordingly, that’ it. To download movies from YouTube you can use some extensions or if you are having Internet Download Manager, then you can use that too.

Most of the times we refrain from downloading movies because of the size of the movie. But this site is just as its name suggests, which is that you can download movies from this is site and the size of the movies would be around 300MB. The site is not that neat but you can search and download movies with ease. Another thing is that the categories are quite easy to locate as you can just see them on the right hand side of the website.

There are lots of categories from which you can just choose movies and if you scroll down you will be able to see a tab which will provide you with the latest movies that have been added to this site. Movies of all qualities are available on this site and you can also provide your email ID. Whenever a new movie gets updated on the site you will be notified accordingly. If you are worried about how to download movies from this site then there is Tab that has been specifically for this reason, just refer to that.


This is another great website that provides you free downloadable movies. The UI of this site is very neat but it does have some ads present. But those won’t be much of a bother to you as they are not pop-up ads and are just [resent on the side. Most new movies get updated just after they are released but one issue is that most of these new movies are not of good quality. Apart from movies, this website also provides you with TV Shows, songs, Android App, Games, etc. and lots of other things.

The site also provides you with the summary, cast, ratings, genre, director and also a lot of other information of the movie that you want to download. Besides downloading movies from this site is pretty easy as all you need to do click on the “A Click Here To Get Links” tab and then follow the instructions to download the movie. Just visit the site and you would be able to understand what needs to be done.


There was once a time when 123movies was regarded as the best free movie downloading site but lately a lot of new sites have emerged that has taken this position. But that was in the past and now, this site is returning to its old glory again. The site has quite a lot of categories and you can choose movies according to your choice. The top rated movies are available on the home screen only. But if you are looking for a specific movie then you can search for that in the search bar.

Apart from that this site also has TV Shows and all episodes of ongoing series get updated regularly. One of the best features that we found on this site is the choosing movies according to a country. Suppose that you want to download a Australian movie, then just go to the Country tab on top of the site and click on Australia. With at you will be able to see all the Australian movies that are available on the site.


My Download Tube is one of those premium movie sites that provide you with free movies. Just click on the provided link and visit the site, you would understand what we are talking about. The site has a chiseled look and along with that the UI of the site is also very smooth. Downloading movies from this is site is quite easy too, just click movie that you want to download and after that you will arrive on a download option, click on that and it would be done.

Apart from that you can also download movies from this site. One other thing is that you can even register on this site and get updated about the new movies that get uploaded on this site. Now, did you ever come across any site that lets you share the movie that you watched on to any social media? Well, My Download Tube is a site that lets you share the movies that you watched on any social media. It also gets updated with all the latest movies.


MovieWatcher is a premium free movie downloading site that lets you share movies on social media. The site has been categorized quite nicely and systematically.  One of the good things about this site is its user interface, which is very smooth and clean. There is no requirement of registering on this site and all you are required to do is click on the provided link.

Another huge benefit of this site is that it provides you with the information of the upcoming movies and you can also stream movies and watch them directly on this site. As it has been mentioned before that TV shows are available on this site, let us elaborate on that too. All new episodes of ongoing series are updated regularly and the new series also gets added to the gallery of this site. If you want to request any movie then you can do that too. Overall this is great site and we would suggest that you check this site.


MKVCinemas is quite a new site in comparison to all the other sites that have been mentioned in this list. As this is a new site there are lots of other things this is not good at compared to the other sites. But it sure does provide you with quite a lot of good movies just like the other sites. MKVmovies has a huge gallery of movies and that too from different genres. If you are a fan of Hindi movies then you can download Hindi from this site too.

Another beneficial fact about thus movie is that you can download movies that are around 300MB or so. All the new movies are updated on this site just after they are released along with a summary of the movie. Apart from that a few details about the movie is also provided and you can download the movie in different quality too. To download movies from this site all that you need to do is click on the preferred movie and select the link from which you want to download the movie. You can also provide your email ID to receive regular updates about new movies.


This is the kind of site whose user interface is quite like My Download Tube and this also provides good quality movies. The site is ad free and you don’t have to register on this site to download movies but if you want to register than you can. Registering on this site has a few additional benefits like getting regular updated about which movies have been uploaded on this site. The categories on this site are quite nice and they make your browsing way easier and faster.

There are two options on the landing page of the site; the first one provides you with all the movies that have been released in the year 2018. The other one provides you with some random movies that are regularly viewed by other visitors. The site may not be that attractive but it sure does have some good content and we can assure you of that. Just visit the site by following the provided a link and you would understand the rest.


With that we would like to conclude this post. Some of you may have doubts about the sites that have been mentioned here but we can assure you that these sites are very safe. These are some of the best free movie downloading sites from where you can download movies quite easily. You don’t have to take our word for that, just visit the sites from the provided links and you would be able to easily understand what message we are trying to convey here. Some of these sites might ask you to register but you can skip that too. We hope the provided information has been of help to you. For further information leave a comment below.

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