Best Cool Websites For When You’re Bored at Work

People of this generation love to browser internet and is always engaged looking for something on it. Internet is filled with lots of beautiful contents and each day you will find new contents and many creative ideas. Cool Websites are the best time to visit when you are bored sitting at home or wish to learn something new. So, if you want to do something different or learn something useful from internet then must visit cool websites. And they does not mean that social networking sites or movies streaming sites, well it is more than that. If you have plenty of leisure times to spend instead of wasting it on nothing spend it on useful websites.

List of Cool Websites 2018:

1: Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a place to deliver smart or fun and the shareable content. As a matter of fact, it is an encyclopedia of almost all the things, and this websites gives you the answer of each and every big questions of your life. Also, get to know the uncovered stories which the reads will find very interesting and would like share them with friends. Mental Floss covers the story of almost everything that is from science, history, pop culture and others. Get ready to learn some of the most interesting facts which you are have not ever heard of.

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2: Agoodmovietowatch

Agoodmovietowatch is an excellent website to amazing movies which you might have not seen in any popular streaming sites. This website helps you to save time by highlighting the great movies which are worth watching for audiences. It is the time to explore highly rated video contents of less popular movies and TV-Series. Agoodmovietowatch is a totally independent site which has gained the trust from worldwide and made a commitment to bring the best movies for you till date. Watch the best show from Netflix or Amazon and choose the TV Shows or movies depending on your mood or favorite genres.

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3: Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel is a must visit website with the abilities to generate alerts on the price of productswith comparisons online. It is a free amazon price tracker that helps you to decide when to buy the products at a good price. Check on the list of the popular products price available in the internet and make price comparison. It is basically Amazon price tracker which gives the price drop alerts of popular products. In the meantime, this website provides all the history of the price charts that is sold by Amazon. There is no need of doing registration for using this price comparison website. But to get an access into a single RSS feed with alerts of the tracked products you must be a registered users.

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4: Child’s Own

Looking for a website which is perfect for kids then we suggest you visit Child’s own website. The creative imaginations made by children have always inspired us in many ways. It is an absolute wonder how being a child able to express his or her thoughts in the form of painting and making dolls, etc. The owner of this website is “Wendy Tsao”, who is a mother and love to make handmade toys for children. Child’s own is website where they will take the drawing of your kids. And then turn the drawing or sketch imagination into a reality doll and will charge will some reasonable amount of money. Making a softie will usually takes around 2 to 4 weeks approximate counting the day of place an order time.

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5: Bored Panda

Bored Panda is one of the cool websites in this list which you must visit. It is a leading art or design & photography community for creative people like you. With the submission platform of Bored Panda website it provides the artists and also the creators. Especially to turn the stories into viral and making it sure to reach their content to everyone. Get immediate access to the most creative and interesting stories available on the internet. Also, make sure to vote on each story that arrives new and help them determine to view the deserving story on the front page. And then make discussion with another bored pandas from worldwide by joining them in the discussions.

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6: Two Foods

Visit this website Two Foods if you are not able to decide what food you wish to have on your lunch. Two Foods is a comparison made between the foods, and all you have to do is enter two different item of food. And it will especially compares the nutritional data of two food items and find out which food is the best for your health. Choose to eat healthy foods items which include McDonald’s big mac or subway melt and Greek salad, etc. This site will provide ideas on when you are having confusion to choose which food to eat.

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Scribble maps is the easiest way to draw and share maps online. This website is mostly used by the students with many interests and others like governments. Also, the military also rely on the services provided on this website. Here you can easily create embeds or images and the map data without any charges included and is free to use. Visit this site today and create custom map now instantly and then share it your friends or publish it on your personal websites and do lots more. By using the scribble maps pro you will get total control on the data of the map. The pro also involve the advance editing settings with impressive tools or formats and other security options.

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8: Geo Guessr

Geo Guessr is an interesting online website and is the best place to get entertained. It takes you to the world of Google map and gives you the access to view any location of the Google Street View. Now you can explore the world and take the journey where you want to take from delicate roads of Australia to streets of NYC. Select the playing mode which is categorized into two first is “Single Player” and the other is “challenge mode”. Here the closer you point out the location using the map the more points you earn. Also, customize the settings and check the map in Europe or any other regions in the world.

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9: Codecademy

If you are one of those who is writing their first line of code or in the process to make their carrier. Code cademy provides you the lessons to learn and build up the technical skills that you need to make a carrier. Code cademy is an education company and is considered to be the leaders in the field of online coding. Everyone is aware of the fact that the necessity and demand for coding skills is high in online community. And if someone chose to make coding their carrier it has a high opportunity in the future.

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10: Sporcle

Sporcle is among that website which is considered as the top most leading provider of trivia entertainment in internet. Speaking of the users it has over 1 million of user-generated quizzes on each topic, and those quizzes have been played more than 2 billion times. Spore has been successfully providing quiz for providing entertainment to its viewers. The best thing about this website is you can create quiz of your own with the help of the dashboard. Sporcle is available to use in the form of application in several platform of devices and that includes Android, iOS and others.

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11: Name Combiner

Name Combiner is a website where you can use mix name to create a good combination or unique names. Visit this website and then enter up four names on the box provided on the home page and then combine it. Here is most probably the best cool nicknames generator using which you can create for your friends. Also, the interesting about this website is here you can create nice acronyms with the help of “Acronym Generator”.

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The moth website is for those who love telling the story to the people. The aim behind this website is to promote the art and craft of storytelling. It has provided and told several stories of human experiences in their lives. The moth is the place to artful of storytelling in each language from every region of the world. Check on the inspiring story of others and share your stories as well by telling the true stories live.

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13: Cool Interesting Stuff

Cool interesting stuff is an online website that was established back in the year 2011. This website has an incredible collection along with the complicated strange and mysterious things. Here you can read things that are related to ancient mysteries or historical mysteries or modern histories, etc. Learn the most unexplained mysteries or weird things or strange mysteries in this website by visiting today itself.

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14: This is My Website Now

If you want to kill your time or wish to kill boredom then “This is My Website Now” is the right pick for you. This website includes a several collection of many games which can be played online using the internet browser. This is My Website Now also includes the random app and lots more things.

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15: The Oatmeal

Speaking of the Oatmeal website most of the contents is all written or drawn and is coded by “Matthew Inman”. The real of the Oatmeal’s is Matthew and he resides in Seattle (Washington) along with his two dogs named as Rambo & Beatrix. The Oatmel keeps on wearing a party hat on his head because he is always in the mood to enjoy party. It is one of the most funniest websites from the list of Cool Websites where you will get to ready funny comics and  with a twist ending story.

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16: The Onion

The onion is world’s biggest news publication and also the top most leading publication. It has made the records by covering the national or international and breaking all the news events of local as well. This website has inspired several of writers to deliver excellent content of news in the most fun way. The onion has over 4.3 trillion of readers every day and it has become among the most powerful organization in the history of human. The news are divided and categories into several parts which includes politics, sports, entertainment and many others. Visit this website today and read the news online for free without making any subscription or charges included.

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17: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a cool website and is among the top most leading independent digital media company.  It delivers most recent news and entertainment news to millions of people from worldwide. BuzzFeed has covered several network of platform which includes mobile networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and several others. This media company operates its network from its headquarters that is located in New York and several branch offices in London, Tokyo and many other countries.

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GIPHY is among the most popular Website available in the internet where you can get GIFs for free. Here you will find one of the most expressive GIF in a funny way and offensive manner. Pick any of the GIFs to make the twitter game in the internet more funniest way than like anything else before.

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19: IWSMT (I waste so Much Time)

IWSMT is the short form of I Waste so Much Time and is a website where you get funny GIFs. It has an excellent collection of the funniest GIFs along with the random videos and lots more. Speaking of the contents that are available in this website there is no lengthy articles but funny photos along with embedded texts. This website is the perfect to place to make your mood on when you are frustrated or tensed. It has a user-friendly web design interface and with the help of the search bar you can find any available topics

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Oddee is a very interesting blog that entertains people and has over 3.8 millions of visitors worldwide. The articles from this website mainly focused on the strange or odd things that are happening around in the world. And the contents of this website is mainly covered on topics like Science, technology and advertisement with more than 11 million of pages available to read online. Visit Oddee to read on the latest articles and odd stories with same formats but different contents.

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21: ZergNet

ZergNet is without any doubt the best platform of choice for those who are the premium publishers. More than 1 billion are articles are already published in this website and they are highly recommended to read for the viewers. Speaking of the visitors of this website there are over 100 million of audience who visits this website every day. This website actually does not provide its own contents instead hosts another contents from top most publishers. Here you can promote 100% of the relevant content and you will not be receiving any mislead or such thing as distasteful offers. ZergNet is available only for promoting high-quality content from the top most publishers of the world.

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22: Uncrate

Uncrate is the top most cool websites and leading buyer guide website for men. It has more than 9,000 items and that has covered over 1.6 million of readers which is monthly wise. In this website every week new gear is posted and due to its popularity has made it the largest men’s publication. The sources tell that Uncrate has reached more than 10 millions of viewers form worldwide. Speaking of the products there are several range of vintage motor cycles including jackets and Bluetooth earbuds. It is totally your choice to pick style of the cars and get the best gear car or apparel and luxurious automobiles.

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23: This is Why Im Broke

If you are looking for a website to buy gifts for men and women then this is why im broke is a must visit website. The best thing about this website is you can get gifts under the amount of $20. Not only for adult has this website also provide online sales gift items for kids, food drinks & toy or games and lots more. Here you can also get gear and gadgets and many useful tools which make this website cool.

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There is no doubt that everyone loves to listen music and Spotify is one of those platform to listen songs online. Forgotify is a website to millions of songs which you used to listen on Spotify. If you wish to listen those songs then this is a must visit site and it is time to start listening to those songs. It has been featured on BBC, TIME, Bilboard, npr, VICE, etc. Check on the recently discovered songs and listen to them any moment you want. Also, you can feature any songs on Forgotify and then share the songs with your friends and family.

25: Pixel Thoughts

Pixel Thoughts is a website of 60 second meditation tool which will help to clear your mind. So, to avoid your stress or thoughts or depression or when you are upset this is a must visit website. Type the word what you are going through on the box what’s bothering you?… And then hit the enter button or click “Done”. In a while you will be given instructions to do meditation and you have to follow it.

26: 100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars is one of the most creative website from this list of cool websites. Take a tour in to the galaxy. As soon as you visit this website you will see “fetching stellar data” and then select “Take a tour” option. It will take you to the journey of whole galaxy and you can start from sun and another place in the whole galaxy. This website gives you a complete tour and idea of the galaxy from sun to planets of the solar system.

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27: Smithsonian

Smithsonian is a magazine online website where you get to learn about the past and technology. This is place to learn and collect knowledge instead of attend class to learn about history and many other topics. This website is filled with information and is provided on articles and the topics are like history, travel, arts & culture. The Smithsonian institution is perhaps one of the right places to increase your knowledge and ideas about what things are going on.

28: How Stuff Works

It was established in the year 1998 which happens to be right at a kitchen table of a college professor. How Stuff works provides contents that are related to health or science or culture or lifestyle or animals or money and lots others. Not only you can read contents in this website but also listen to the podcasts. How Stuff Works has more than 31 million of visitors that visits this site every month which is really amazing. Also, check on the most popular videos of YouTube channels and this website can be browse on several platforms of devices like iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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Final Thoughts:

This are the list of Cool websites which you must visit provided with complete information. Each of these sites is unique in its own way and has different content which are interesting and fun to read. It is the right time to try some new websites which you have never tried before and learn new things. Therefore, without wasting any of your time we suggest you to visit any of these websites that are mentioned above. We hope that you will find it very pleasing and get to experience something new like anything else before.

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